Committing Vs. Moving On

Hi Coach,
I am working on my impossible goal of making 100k in my business in 2021. I have launched several different products and services in the past and none of them really clicked. At the time, before I was in scholars, I thought that I was just failing forward – not as many people bought as I would have hoped, so I moved onto the next thing. Now being in scholars, I think maybe I just wasn’t committed enough to following through with the sales, marketing, etc. of those products/services – and that they could have worked if I had stuck with it longer.

To reach my impossible goal, I want to launch a membership, which is something I’ve thought about for a long time and what my audience has asked for. I’m doing a lot of thought work around launching another service and my brain is showing me all the evidence of past failed products.

I’m wondering – what are some tools or strategies to figure out if it’s time to move on from a business idea OR double down on your commitment to making that business idea work? I’m trying to get myself into the headspace that doesn’t have me giving up on my membership service if I launch it and don’t get the number of sign-ups I was hoping for right away. I hope this makes sense!