Communicating what I offer more clearly


I am a career coach and I use the mindset coaching learned at iPEC and from the Model, mixed with my years of experience as a recruiter and on hiring teams. I recently had a client ask to stop coaching with me (first time this has happened) because what she wanted was someone to do mock interviews with her, and write her resume for her. She said she wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted when we had a consult and then realized after two sessions that the mindset work wasn’t what she wanted.

I explained to her that what I do with my clients helps them become the kind of person who doesn’t need to hire a resume writer or do mock interviews, because the confidence and direction is there first and they are able to do all of this themselves. I used examples of stories of my other clients who were able to achieve a lot of success from the work we did together.

I would have wished I could have felt comfortable enough to coach her on this, because I felt “explainy” and like I just accepted what she told me. Is that okay?? Did I do the right thing?

I feel doubtful because I KNOW that the coaching I offer would be much more helpful for her than just hiring a resume writer. So I feel like I let her get away without getting the help she needed. However, she did say it just wasn’t the help she wanted, and I chose to listen to that and refund her the pro-rated amount left of her package.

I just want to know if there would have been a better way to handle this I guess, and what I need to change about my thoughts to be able to coach someone through this decision in the future. Because I wasn’t able to this time — it would have felt “pushy” and weird to me to do.

Thanks for any coaching you can give me!!