Company Vision- RCM

I currently own a $500,000 per year Revenue Cycle Management company- fancy for a medical billing company. I help independent physicians maximize their collections so that they don’t have to join the BIG BOX medical system. I am growing leaps and bounds and now have 6 employees. I am working on the Entrepreneurial Management program and can’t quite narrow down the vision of my company. After completing the work sheet this is what I came up with: To provide an opportunity for women who have personal work ethic to work independently by making 1 million a year in revenue. It just doesn’t seem exactly right and as compelling as Brooke said it needs to be. I am having a difficult time accessing Why I am in business. When I answered that question in a thought download I came up with-I’m in business because why not? Why not open my own business instead of creating a program for someone else’s business and create money for myself. I seem to be missing something that ties this all together to create a one sentence vision for the company. Advice or questions to ask myself to further the narrowing down of the vision would be so helpful.