Comparison Trap

Hi Coach,

There is a woman who runs a business I admire in a similar field, but slightly different niche. I used to look at her content (blog and Instagram) and feel very inspired. Now, I get a sinking feeling whenever I see something she does and it knocks me off course for some reason. Like, I’ll be focused on a task and feeling motivated on my own work and then I’ll dare myself (weird I know….) to look at her Instagram account to see if she’s posted anything and it immediately makes me feel bad.

I know there is a lot to unpack here, but my main question is this: is it ever a good decision to consciously stop following someone (eg unfollow on Instagram, unsubscribe to her list, make myself not look at her content)? Or is that just avoiding the bigger underlying issues (not feeling confident in myself, etc.)? Or should I do both at once?

Thank you!