Competition – Scarcity

I’ve been struggling with my thoughts lately around competition. In particular, there’s this one girl who has over the past year been following my list, following my promotions and launches, and then this year I have noticed she is doing some of the same things, in the same way, with a similar product as mine. And I can tell she has used all of my materials to craft her own. It’s very frustrating because I feel like she’s stealing my voice and not being original in her own way… and instead stealing my hard work and testing.

But I can see how these thoughts cause me so much pain and frustration and resentment… and put me in such a negative space and “scarcity” mindset.

I would LIKE to be the kind of person who sees that and feels the abundance life has to offer, sees that there’s space for all of us, doesn’t get upset and caught up in negative energy around it. I just don’t know how to get there. It’s like sometimes I can sit in the space of “there’s plenty for everyone” and then the next day I’m just upset about it again.