Concern about subcontractor and miscommunication

I have a subcontracting company I hire for my Instagram growth agency and normally they are pretty good to work with. But recently they’ve been facing some challenges internally and moving systems and have told me wrong dates about when they’d be able to start up on my clients’ projects again. They’ve told me 3 Separate times false start dates they’d “for sure be ready by” and it’s still not true.

This wouldn’t normally bother me but it’s bothering me now because now I have miscommunicated to my clients about start dates and I don’t want to let them down. I asked the team for a realistic date if they had to OVERESTIMATE when we’d be able to start (because they’ve been underestimating in the past) and have gotten no response for a few days.

So, I’m trying to decide if

A) I find someone else quickly which I don’t want to do because I’ve already put so much time into the current subcontractor and paid them.
B) Just apologize to my clients (I’ve already told them they aren’t being charged for the days that pass without the service being done for them) & offer them a free month when we are back in action
C) something else?

Mainly, I don’t like feeling out of control about what my subcontractor and their team does. Would love some advice thanks