Confidence in the value of my weight loss coaching program

Hi, Brooke!

I’m working with a business coach assessing my business model for scalability and I’m feeling uneasy about the conversations. She’s blown away by what I provide, all the client testimonials, and the hands on coaching I give for the rate I charge. She feels I undervalue my offerings, I agree, and that I should be charging WAY more. I’m struggling with this idea… Although I know the value of my coaching program is tremendous, there is nothing like it, and it works, I’m lacking confidence with increasing my price because my silly brain thinks:
I can’t charge a lot
Who’s gonna pay that?
There’s similar-type programs for less
I don’t wanna lose clients
And then not get new clients
I don’t think people would invest this money per month into weight loss
If I’m struggling to get clients now at a low rate, how the eff am I gonna get clients at a higher rate?
It’s gonna be a struggle

I know all of those are just thoughts creating my feelings. But, I believe them… And don’t want to. I can see the opposite being true… I don’t believe the opposite though… I’m fighting LOA thinking and the reality of what women will actually spend on a weight loss membership per month so that I can scale and reach my impossible goal on a realistic business model. I want to pick a price, honor it, and RUN. This space of confusion is not serving me at all. I know I need to just decide on a price, and know that it’s never the wrong one, nor the final one too, but I wanna pick the best and not stay in a questioning state (lol I chuckled writing that – I see my silly self as I type this – help me lol)