Conflicting advice and thoughts about my business

Conflicting advice and thoughts about business.

I need to make some money in my business this year my goal is to make 100k. I made 12k last year + working my full-time job. in total made 82k. I want to replace my fulltime job income and make the income souly from my business.

I have made many offers and launched 4 products, all of them have sold 1 or 2 times at lest, my big one has sold 20+ times (on a payment plan of 97/month, 12 payments of 97/month) and my small 49 PDF product has sold dozens of times.

I feel like I have a lot to work with, and some proven ideas that have worked, so I need to reach more people, make more offers and test more marketing copy etc. The thing that is stopping me from taking action is that I have a lot of conflicting thoughts and ideas that are preventing me from focusing in on 1 thing, I feel like the DO Goals mean I need to do everything in my thought download below, which I want to do but feel overwhelmed by all that I need to be testing.

For example here is my thought download:

My 297 product used to sell
I broke even on FB ads on that product.
Should I go back to selling that product?
I should Do an email funnel for that product as it already exists and I know that it sells I should Draft the Funnell and test it + test FB ads again to make a profit on that product.

Then again my recent 997 product sells with warm traffic (youtube and google searches). But the tests with cold traffic so far from FB haven’t worked yet.
Organic traffic is selling but I can’t get any cold prospects to buy (I have a bunch of stuff still that needs to get tested) and that is going to cost more money.
Maybe I need to go back to doing my weekly webinars with FB Ads, and just keep relaunching that same product until I get it to work with cold traffic? But then I am putting money in and if it’s not working yet I am just going farther into debt trying to get it to work which feels irresponsible.

+ A person I really respected told me this would never work (the 997) he said my niche doesn’t have any money and I should not be selling such a high priced product to them because they are new grads and have no money. So that keeps coming up in my head too.

I have a great 49 product that I know sells well. I am Going to definitely put more effort into selling that one. (insert ways of doing this here I have like 10 things I want to do)

I also want to open up 1:1 spots for coaching and make it more affordable, since I raised my prices no one took me up on coaching anymore so I stopped coaching and focused on digital product sales, which I really love! but coaching could make me more money faster which I would also enjoy.

I also have a resume course that also sells with warm traffic. Should I test that out on FB ads or just try launching that one again and again?

Or should I be continuing with 997 offer keep trying, just seems like money keeps getting spent? But I am growing my audience faster by continuing trying to nail down he Funnell with FB ads… Which even if they don’t buy on the first go, they may buy later on down the line?

What do I do!? First, do I do all of it? I am feeling overwhelmed and excited, have lots of ideas and know I have lots that has worked, need to figure out how to bring it to the next level so I can make the income I want to quit my job by the end of the year.
How to I get organized here I know I need to trust myself and get thinking and ask my own brain what is the right course of action or the first course of action and I just keep coming up with more ideas! I have a list a mile long of what to try and what to do and can’t seem to get started on something and stick with it.

Thanks what do you think?