"Conflicting" Opportunities

I am a life coach. My goal this year is to serve 15 clients and receive $45K. I currently charge $3000/6 months of coaching at once a week for an hour.

I have been asked to consider and submit a proposal for a non-profit mission to do 12 monthly webinars remotely and 12 monthly follow up sessions on their site about a half hour away from my home. (I have been doing monthly webinars for free as “value ahead of time” and will be using that content w/ perhaps a few tweaks to personalize it to their mission.)

They have budgeted $6000 for this engagement. (Although, his numbers don’t work out. He said $50 per person per session – 2 sessions a month – which would be a total of $7200 for 6 employees.)

If I think about my goal and how I currently work with clients, I would be utilizing 4 sessions every week for the year to do this work. (And that is just the time spent WITH them – not even prep time.) One session for the webinar (one hour) and 3 sessions to drive there, give the in person follow-up session and drive home.

I feel connected to the mission of this non-profit AND to my goals.
There is also a little fear that if I overprice, I won’t be granted the contract.
Another fear that if I don’t get this contract that I won’t make my financial goal for the year. (It seems my mentality is that some money is better than no money toward my goal.) The most I’ve made thus far in a year from coaching is $8700.

I want to be in integrity for what I ask AND I also want to be in integrity to myself that I’m not selling myself short and regret taking the contract later on in the year. I’ve run a bunch on numbers and am having trouble landing on something that feels good based on all of the information. (My goals and desire to share my work vs. their budget.) He has stated he would let the 6 employees know they can go deeper with the work, but at their own investment. He’s also sent me a document that talks about doing this same kind of work with their business partners and volunteers. He did not mention that on the call, so I don’t want to assume it would be with me.

My original thought was to charge $25 per person per webinar = $1800 and $100 per person per follow-up session = $7200 for a total of $9000. That’s $3000 over their budget. However, it’s $15000 less than what I would make IF I could book those 4 sessions per 6 months (total of 8 sessions for the year) with clients. ($3000 x 4 – 6 month packages x 2 – 6 month packages within the year = $24000.)

I’d love help in seeing my own thinking around this.