Conflicting thoughts

I have a goal to sign one client at a minimum of $2200 by June 29th and I am feeling so insecure about my abilities to perform. My niche is life coaches and helping them get their work out to the world using their website. I am feeling really insecure about my ability to actually deliver the services. I also work full-time for a website design agency where I also feel really insecure about my abilities, which shows me that it’s not the C, but my thoughts about myself.

I was listening to one of the coaching calls where Brooke was coaching a woman and she basically said just because you can do the work to be happy doesn’t mean you have to or should. So part of me is wondering if all of this work is just too hard for me or if there is just more work for me to do on my thoughts about myself and my abilities. I guess I just need to decide.

I’ve had this business idea for years now and I think it could be really successful if I can get out of my own way. How do I start to clean up my thoughts about my self-doubt and insecurities about me as a web designer? Sometimes I feel really inspired when I think about this business idea but mostly I feel self-doubt and insecure.