Confused about how I regard being a successful coach or business

How would I measure whether I am a success in my coaching practice? I wanted measure performance by $ or number of clients ($0 and 1 client YTD). It almost sounds like, listening to the podcasts and coaching sessions, not to base our judgement on external circumstances, so I should base my success on what I am feeling? (Of course, I feel even worse, because many of those coaches actually sound like they have clients and income, so I don’t even deserve to be in SCS).

Most businesses I have worked in/for have regarded the balance sheets/revenue/P&L as measure of success. Any ideas for a bridge thought, because looking at this C doesn’t offer any helpful/useful thoughts, for me.

R “few clients/no income” created b y A “hide, buffer” due to F despair, which followed my T “I suck” from looking at C “$0/1 YTD”.

I think my answer is probably obvious, and I should be able to answer it myself, but I am deliberately convincing defending and proving my belief that I am a stupid miserable failure, so of course I have to ask for the answer here wth.