Confusion and self doubt

I need (want) to go LIVE on social media and offer value to my audience. I believe it’s what my business needs to warm my leads and convert prospects to clients. Plus, it’s been requested by people who follow me to “speak more on this”, and “you should start a YouTube channel” but… and here comes all the mind drama;
T: I don’t know which topic to pick within my niche there’s so many
T: which will be the right one
T: I’m gonna mess up my words
T: I’m gonna forget what to say
T: I have to spend time rehearsing and that leads to overthinking and worrying I won’t remember

You’re gonna tell me to answer those few Q’s. You’re gonna ask me “so what?” Grrrr lol

T: I want to sound well spoken
T: I want to truly help and say what I know I’m capable of saying
T: If there’s a way to teach on video I still need to learn how to do that before I do it

Ugh. I’m spending so much time spinning in confusion I could’ve filled 10 videos by now. But I don’t want to because of all the self doubt.

Okay, fix me please lol What do you see that I don’t? I’m scared and just need to do it? I guess I’m so tired to the outcome of it being good and helping people that I’m feeling overwhelmed.