Confusion on the value to provide

I indulge in confusion on my avatars pain point far too much. I’m forever brainstorming about why my avatar can’t lose weight and what her struggle is but then get stuck with thinking “I can’t solve that”, and “what tip is the right one to give her?” If she overeats, what “value ahead of time” am I providing that builds rapport with her? That seems soooo broad and by me sharing a tip like “you just don’t pick up the food” is non-worthy tip…As if theres a hierarchy of tips lol Maybe that’s my belief? That I need her to sign up and join so what’s THE way to do this and coach effectively to give value in my marketing?! My brand is my business, and my weight loss coaching program showcases how I lost the weight and so I’m consistently sharing on all social media platforms how I track my macros, workout quickly from home, beat binge eating, and manage my mind, yet I feel disconnected in what I share versus what she may be needing to see… If my avatar struggles with “not having time” is it sufficient enough to be sharing my “30 minute home workouts that transformed my body” as a THE value you’re speaking I needing to be providing ahead of time for her to want to join my program? She doesn’t join, so I question what I share and how to tweak it constantly. I’m now realizing as I type this that I may be putting my avatar in my “R” line by thinking this way when I need to just decide these things… BUUUUUT (lol) from a marketing stand point providing results ahead of time like you say is the goal and I guess I entertain not knowing how to do that a lot. Help <3

Thanks for your insight and suggestions!