Considering a New Career

I’m considering changing my career from being a very analytic military engineering officer to life coaching because .. that’s normal, right?

I’ve listened to a lot of Brooke’s student’s podcasts and heard of their high level of success. However, what is the failure rate of certified coaches not making it to 100k and beyond? Recognizing that a lot of contributing factors are there that question may have a complicated answer. In order to justify the initial investment to my risk-oriented mindset, not afraid to work hard, I’m trying to determine my success rate given that I am the sole income to the family. We would be eating away at our savings (set aside for our next house and car and emergency fund) in order to compensate for the substantial initial investment and subsequent pay cut.

One reason I am in scholars is to try and better determine how successful I’d be by working on myself and gaining more exposure to the industry. I am looking forward to working through the information here and learning more about myself and the potential career.

Can you help me determine where others have fallen short and why? What, in general, can be avoided to increase chances of success? Does the Life Coach School and alumni network have a “do not let another fail” mentality? This is quite present in the military as the success of the mission is not based just on one person but a team effort and a struggling member will be aided to ensure overall success. By no means am I expecting others to do my work but I am concerned about “going off on my own” and just being lost as a new coach in a great big world.

What has been your journey?

Greatly appreciate your time and look forward to your reply. Many thanks.