Considering what others will think of business flyer

I’m trying to make a pamphlet for my business.

I find myself worrying about what others will think about it. I can see how that isn’t useful because whether they like it or not has to do with them and not me.

But at the same time, I’m trying to make a flyer that will appeal to others, will sell them on what I have to offer. Also, I want to do future pamphlets that I will improve upon, based on how well the previously pamphlet did (whether it appealed or not with people).

My issue I keep getting stuck and confused with is, how do I combine the concept of sales and making something that will appeal to others with the concept of not thinking about what others will think about my product (which paralyzes me).

I know there’s an angle to look at this that will serve me and I know I’ve heard it before, but I can’t find it right now despite some self-coaching (and likely some “I don’t know” going on in my head eek lol).

Maybe it’s just a matter of considering what they will think about the pamphlet, rather than ‘worrying’ about it, and not making it mean anything about me if the pamphlet doesn’t do well (just considering it info/math).

Thanks in advance for your insight!