Constraining time; staying within the block


I’m working on making a schedule & sticking to it (Re: How to Get It Done/Monday Hour One). I understand the concept that things will take the time we give them. But what about when I hit the time limit and I’m not done yet?

I just had an hour to do a task, and it took 1:15. I definitely got distracted a little during that time, and thinking back, I caught myself having thoughts as the time went by that I was doing good on time so I could let myself do x y z (that wasn’t within the focus) *face palm*.

I see now that I could definitely hold a tighter focus. I still think I did well, all things considered, certainly better than I have been doing!

But I want to keep practicing the skill of keeping a tighter focus and COMPLETING the task within the time limit I set.

I think these are some good observations and a good learning experience, but not sure where to go with this from here.

If things always take an extra 15 minutes, that’ll mess up my whole MHO calendar.