Constraint Question

My impossible goal is to earn $6,000 in commissions in my network marketing business in the month of December of 2021. I have been loving this goal. I am currently working as a VA as well as doing some substitute teaching in addition to my network marketing business. I would like to offer coaching and create and offer a course to add to my income and also because these are things I really want to do, but I have held back in the past, thinking that this goes against the idea of constraint. But I do want create more money now, and I really would like to not wait on doing these things, partly because I just want to. And I think they could also help me with my network marketing business as well.

So I was thinking about changing my impossible goal to an income goal, such as $100,000 this year. If I made that my impossible goal, would that open me up to those other ways of making money and still be considered constraining?

I’ve been doing other things (subbing, VA work) mainly to make money to pay current bills… and I was thinking why not do coaching or offer a course instead. It is true, though, that they would take more creative brain power than some options I have for making money. But it’s also true that they can still contribute to my current IG of the growth of my Network Marketing biz, or the $100K goal if I changed it to that.

I like the idea of constraining to one goal. I also understand nothing is set in stone, and I can do what I want. I guess I’m trying to decide if I want to do it… to start with a coaching offer and see what happens. And if that would go against the idea of constraining to one goal. Thank you!