Constraint Resistance

I have a coaching business with a goal of earning $25,000 this year. There are so many factors within this goal and I’m getting ridiculously overwhelmed.

I’m not clear on my offer, pricing, value, or marketing strategy and, although I’m making money now, I feel like I’m doing it blindfolded and it’s all sheer luck.

I know I need to choose one thing to focus on and follow through with it until the end. I have so many resources, books, podcasts, and courses that I feel overwhelmed with where to start. I choose 1 path and then realize I need something else from another area, and then I question if I’m missing something. I have done some constraint as I wanted to also work on my health (losing weight and food protocol) and home organization, but have put all that on hold until the business is in a maintenance mode. Now I’m just stuck in the business factors.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m simply doing 2 simple tasks a day that take no more than 30 minutes max even though I have a 2-hour block of time because I’m too overwhelmed to take on anything else. I’m making such slow progress because of this method but I’m mentally exhausted because I don’t have a clear thing I’m aiming for. I feel like I’m wasting time spinning in confusion which could lead me to not hit my goal.

I think the model that has gotten me here is:

C: Desire to move forward in my business
T: I’m not good enough to offer this yet
F: Inadequate
A: Spinning in confusion, changing my mind, starting and stopping programs, binge listening to podcasts, staying up late and not resting to make up for lost time, buffering on social media to distract from the disappointment and see what others are doing, not deciding on an offer because I don’t know if I can deliver it, not setting a price because I don’t know if my offer is worth it, doing vague marketing of social media so people don’t have too high expectations, not sticking to my schedule
R: Not making progress in my business

That model was actually really enlightening. I’m not sure if I need to do more thought downloads to uncover hidden stories, decide on something and be willing to fail at it, be willing to allow people to be disappointed if they aren’t happy with the coaching, etc. I need a wake-up call here because I can’t keep self-sabotaging like this. Thank you for any insights!