I started writing a book a year ago with the goal of becoming a millionaire author. I am getting close to publishing and learned this Summer about building a platform, creating a website, blog etc to help launch the book. All of that excites me but started to become a distraction from my writing and now editing. I thought I could alter my self-imposed timeline/deadline and work on the platform items but keep hearing about the value of constraint and think it applies to my situation. I also have a full-time job as a school administrator during a pandemic so need to carefully prioritize the hours in my day.

Please advise on my model:
C- my book project
T- I will work diligently to get my book ready for publishing and once sent I will focus on my platform and marketing.
F- Focused, decisive
A- Stay the course with daily book work. Schedule daily additional writing time. Tuck away platform ideas.
R- Get my book done and sent to publisher. Then I get to focus on its successful launch.