Consultation Evaluation

What went well:
-This is the first consult where I didn’t clam up when it came to price. I coached her thru her objections, she was a no, but it felt really good to be able to coach her thru it.
-I stayed out of my head-most of the time.
-After coaching she felt like she could do anything!
-I let go of the reins!
-I helped her see how her brain is working and her thoughts are keeping her stuck.

What didn’t go well:
-IT WENT WAY TOO LONG. I’d love some coaching on this.
She went on a lot of tangents and unloaded a lot of things that didn’t pertain to the conversation.
How can I help steer the conversation?
Here is my model on this:
C-Consultation was 1 hour and 45 minutes
T-She is talking a lot. I don’t want to interrupt but this is going way over.
A-I just let her keep talking, did other things, didn’t pay attention, didn’t take charge
R-The consult went 1 hour and 45 minutes.
-At the end it seemed like she just wanted to get off the phone-which is what we did.

What will I do differently next time:
-I think that I can come with a set of questions to ask in the beginning instead of just saying: “Tell me about yourself.” I can see how that lended to her taking a long time.
-Honestly, I felt really good about this. I took time to get out of my head and be in a clean space.
-I didn’t set up a follow up-but I also felt like that was ok. I told her when she was ready to work with me, I’d be here.