Consults Are Not Successful

I have been getting consults through my podcast. I have been treating the consults like a mini-coaching sessions and I try to show them how I can solve their problems and give them value ahead of time. I try to give them genuine coaching and advice.

Each consult seems to have gone well. However, at the end of the call, when we talk about price, they act like they want to buy and they are excited to work with me. Then after the consult, I send them the payment portal and I reiterate in the email all the value that they are getting from this purchase. However, they never actually sign up to work with me after the call is over.

My brain has come up with a couple of options.
1. They are lying and never wanted to work with me in the first place and just wanted to people pleasing.
2. I should maybe have them pay on the call, but that seems forced and pushy.

Is there anything I should be doing to help my consults convert better? So far I have had only 4 consults so I’m still in the early stages. However it is frustrating that each potential clients acts like they are willing to work with me and then they do not.