Consults not converting

I’m so frustrated. I keep providing value. I am thinking about how to help my clients. What they need to hear. What would help them right now? And I create content for that. I did a free webinar. I keep producing a podcast. I provide advice on Instagram. Anyone that comes to me with a question I provide valuable answers to them. I am giving and giving and giving. I am thinking about them, not how to make money from them.

But in my consults, during which I also offer as much value as I possibly can, most people come to me and it’s clear from the get-go they just want a free session. I still treat them like a client and give them the best coaching session I can do. But it’s hard to not be frustrated by the fact that non of my consults are converting.

I’m taking massive action. I’m thinking maybe I’m too expensive? Maybe I should offer a smaller starter package.

Some consults say they would love to work with me, they just need to get some financials straightened out first. I’m just starting to feel defeated. The podcast will have been out for 3 months now and is getting a great response, but not clients. It’s been 3 full weeks of taking massive action and I still have not gotten a client yet.