Content for my ideal clients

I am trying to evaluate how I create content for my ideal client, in order to make it more relevant and useful for them. What I realized is that it is too difficult for them. I am a nutritionist and create posts on how nutrition may impact their health. And the information is quite sophisticated. When I was trying to understand, why Iā€™m writing about such details that are not accessible for everybody, what I understood is that I have been trying to impress my colleagues with the content. It looks like I have an inner desire to prove that I’m a really good nutritionist, that I understand all the stuff, I’ve read a lot of research, and I know a lot. And it is difficult for me to change the style of my writing, as I got stuck. I do want to attract my ideal clients and I do want to show all the depth of my expertise (although it is too difficult for my potential customers). There is no resource to have 2 separate blogs. So what questions may help to let go of my desire to impress other professionals in the field, and start attracting my ideal clients, since they are the ones I would like to help and who will pay for my services (not the admiration of my colleagues). Thank you!