Content Vs. Consults

I’m feeling stuck in a loop of wanting to focus on re-creating the content of my program, versus just going out and selling my program… I have a 6-Week Weight Loss program that I’ve already created that has workbooks, worksheets, etc… And my mind is always wanting to improve this program. I keep telling myself it needs to be more clear, that I need to re-create the content, etc. But what I’m concerned about is if I’m potentially using this desire to re-create my program as a way to buffer away from selling… I’m currently in a mentorship program that’s all about sales and marketing. It’s challenging me to contact a lot of people, meet a lot of people, reach out, work on pitching, etc…. and I’m wondering if my focus should be more on selling instead? I haven’t reached my financial goal for the month… and perhaps the content can wait?