Conversion rates from leads to appointments?

Hello Brooke,

Since 2 month now I an working full time on my coaching business. And some statistics start to show up.
I can get leads from Facebook for an average of 1€ per lead depending on the different lead magnet I am proposing and of course depending on the chosen audience. It fluctuates between 0,70€ and 1,5€ per lead.
I think it’s not that bad? What do you think?
Now my main question is around the rate for them to schedule a free session appointment.
My rate is 4,7%.
I think it’s very low but I have no comparison point😁.
Are your coaches having much more higher rates?
What can I aim for as a target then ?

So my last question : should I scale this up, putting more money on Facebook now. I just allow 10€/day now to see first my numbers… Or should I first try to “sell”more my mini séance ?
But not sure how I can do more than I do… Because it’s in all my CTA 🙄…
Thanks for you answer…