Counting the no’s, and coming from different sources… and realizing I made two different offers

I am still progressing at making offers and counting the no’s.

I help people organize their sewing room with 1 on 1 coaching. I offer a program called Transform Your Sewing Room (selling the benefit). My offer is to Transform your sewing room in 3 weeks or your money back.

So far now I have made offers through the following ways:

Through an email broadcast to my list – which I know doesn’t count as an offer, so I directed them to a page where they can click to say yes, or no thanks. The no thanks page has a little feedback form on it. I’ve had 14 people click and view the feedback page. 9 people have filled out the feedback form – with 4 people saying they don’t need my service – they already like their sewing room – choosing the option that says “my sewing room is already organized, I like it”. , 4 people saying they can’t afford it (choosing the option that says “I’m tempted, but can’t afford it”). 1 person chose the option that said “I’m not sure how 1 on 1 coaching would work for me. Nobody chose the option that says “I don’t think it will work for me”). This offer is priced at $250, with a payment plan available – although I added the payment plan option part way through. 1 person wrote back and said no in an email, but didn’t give me any more info.

I have ran a giveaway in a facebook group tightly focused on sewing rooms, to offer to help 1 person with their sewing room. I had 30 entrants, and have reached out to all of them to offer them a consolation prize. My consolation is the option to “pay what you want” (minimum of $90, with a 3 x $30 payment plan available) as I’m planning to run a flash sale on this next week. I’m offering them an early bird spot at this price.

For this offer – which I’m realizing now is different because I changed the price – I have contacted 28 people. 3 people have said no, 2 people are thinking about it, and 1 person has said yes – although she hasn’t paid the money yet, and probably won’t until next week when she has the plans for her sewing room. The rest of the 28 people haven’t seen their facebook messenger message yet I don’t think.

My numbers are:

offer 1 at full price: 15 offers – 15 no’s = 0 yes’s
offer at flash sale price, to an even warmer audience: 4 offers – 3 no’s = 1 yes’s (although the yes is a verbal yes, and has not followed through on payment yet, I have given her the paypal link).

This 1 on 1 offer is new to me, so I don’t have a lot of testimonials or case studies on my page yet, I know I can make my sales page and proof of results stronger. That is why I included the “money back” part of the offer.

1. Obviously now I realize I have made two different offers, because they are not the same.
2. Today I’m going to reach out via facebook messenger to people in my facebook group, and others that are slightly warmer, and make the same flash sale offer to them. I’ll use my thoughts to be very positive about it, and connect with them first so that I can get into that zone of coming from a place of helping.
3. I am also going to start the coaching service tomorrow to the first person (the person who won the giveaway) and hopefully more people.

Can you suggest anything else I might want to consider as I keep going through this process?