Counting the “no’s” – follow up question

Counting the “no’s” – follow up question

I asked about when and how to count the no’s. I decided that in my stage of business it makes sense to count the no’s in the following ways:

1. A no from a personal email conversation (and I can tag in my email provider to count them.
2. A no from a personal message using messenger (and I can maybe tag in my email provider to count them).

3. A no that happens when someone sees the offer page, and clicks a button that says “no, this isn’t for me” . I can send them to a page that says thanks for replying, please let me know your feedback/thoughts on this offer. And then count the number of visits I get to this page using google analytics.

And. I can also setup a pitch sequence for this, and count the no’s when someone clicks the link that says “I don’t want to hear more about this membership offer” – would that also be a no? Assuming that I have put the offer bullet points in the email, and the price, and a purchase button?

My only concern is that 1. I haven’t see a lot of people use a “no, this isn’t for me” type of button in their sales copy. My brain is telling me that’s a bad idea, but I think it’s a brilliant way to properly count the no’s.

Secondly, I also haven’t seen many people put the offer price in the email broadcast they send out, almost always you don’t know what price it is before you get to the bottom of the long form sales page.

Is counting the no’s as simple as a “no, this isn’t for me” button on the sales page? How do you discourage people from just closing the page?

Thanks for the advice so far. Will you be teaching on how to craft the offer into a precise offering, and how to communicate it effectively so that people understand it?