So I have been delaying going live on social media or creating videos that show myself talking to potential buyers on my site because I lack the courage to put myself out there. I know that it’s necessary for my online business to even survive during this crazy time, but I really want to be able to just put myself out there more so that I can get the Know, Like, Trust, and people will want to join my membership.

I love to go live with my current members, but even then, no one ever shows up to the lives, they just stay on the social platform in silence, but they’re still members.

I feel like if I go live on IG or FB that I would be harshly judged and people won’t think that the value I am offering is worth it and I would be exposed as a fraud. Not even my paid members are coming to the lives so I don’t even know if what I’m offering is valuable unless someone cancels. But even then I don’t get feedback as to why they are leaving. So it just adds to the resistance and lack of courage to even put myself out there to begin with.

I managed to get members not going live on social media but the number is really low.

How can I change my thoughts around going live on social media and creating videos putting myself out there to hopefully have more people want to purchase from me in the future?

Because this is what I’m thinking, that when I go live and do all these talks, people always say to add value every single day.

But if I keep giving everything everyday, why would they pay for what I’m offering when they could just keep getting it for free?