Course member ignoring emails.

Hi, could you help me with my models, please?

I have a course and members can either pay for it in full or take a 12-month payment plan.

A member took the payment plan option and successfully paid 9 of the payments but October’s payment failed.
On October 7, my bookkeeper sent her an email on how to update her credit card information.
The member didn’t reply.
On October 22, the member sent 2 emails to me, one on the contact form on my website and directly to me.
She said she didn’t have access to the course and she had updated her credit card.

If she had updated her credit card within 7 days of the first failed payment attempt, that would have worked.
But after 7 days, the system automatically removes access, and a member has to re-enter the credit card details in a different place.
My bookkeeper explained what had happened and how to reactivate her account.
The bookkeeper replied with the information to the member’s 2 emails.

The member didn’t reply or reactivate her account.

Then on November 6, I got a similar email from her asking why she couldn’t access the account ‘she had been paying for all year.’
Even though I was nice in the email to her explaining, she had taken the 12-month payment plan. She had made 9 payments, and she would reactivate her account and how to do it. I was upset.

I have done everything right, me or my bookkeeper replying to her within 2 hours of her emailing us, and yet she is paying no attention to those emails.

When she emails, it makes me feel like I have done something wrong. That I am stealing her money.
And that I keep talking and explaining but she isn’t listening.

Here’s my model:

C Members October payment for a course failed. Member has emailed 3 times about not having access to the course.

T. I am doing everything right, and yet I am the one that is going to get into trouble. She is going to report me to Stripe or say mean things about me publicly.

F Annoyed

A. Reply to her emails, but from an ‘I am in trouble’ energy.
Ruminate how this situation in my head for 24 hours
Not doing business-building activities.

R. Not sure what to include in the R line

Thanks so much