Course or Webinar

Hello Brooke and Friends!

I have created a Mindfulness Training (like a lunch & learn) that I deliver in 4 parts live at companies and colleges. Groups of 20-30.
I charge $250 per session ($1,000) plus mileage. I’ve added onto the training with 4 more sessions so there are 8 total. Each session builds off one another. I have made it my mission this year to teach stressed out employees all about their brain, stress and stress reduction and the model. I believe both the school systems and organizations need this work!

My impossible goal for 2018 was to earn back my invest in coach training via these trainings and I am proud to say that I am within $2,000 of hitting this goal. I have given myself until before Thanksgiving to secure the business I need to in order to hit $18k, however, I am not going to stop until I hit this goal no matter what the timing. My next goal is to hit $30,000 ($12k in First and Second Quarter).

I had a call with Virgin Pulse – my former employer – about bringing my training to their local offices. I was sent to talk with the Global HR Department and they are more interested in having me do a webinar or course or record these sessions and teach them to the employees across all of their offices. Employees would access this via their learning management system.

What is super exciting about this is that I have always known that I want to evolve and grow this product (the training I teach) but I’ve never created a webinar or course. After listening to the 2 podcasts in Brooke’s How to Be A Life Coach, it seems as though the best option is for me to record my training on Zoom. Global HR asked for short teaching videos (20-30 minutes) with separate videos just practice only versus me teaching LIVE.

For my LIVE sessions, I have handouts for the employees and we have a collaborative discussion and practices that support our discussion. With this recorded version, there would be no discussion/engagement (just me teaching) what I envision is create the presentation with video/slides (looking into 99 designs) and record everything on Zoom. What do you think?

I would love some insight or guidance on how pricing for this works since Virgin Pulse employees would not be paying for this program. I want to be very strategic in how I price this and need some help. Is it selling them the license to use this? (I don’t even know what that means but I am going to look it up and look into it)

What I would offer is a couple of 20-25 minute Teaching Videos and then anywhere from 8-10 (10-15 minute guided meditations that they can just log in and practice) this is just a brainstorm based on the content I’ve already created.

What would be appropriate to charge Virgin Pulse? I don’t have their budget and have no problem asking, but since this is new, I would love to know what a range is for this kind of program. I’m not looking to sign up their employees to work with me, so I’m not selling to them. I would be charging the company.

I could always charge them the same fee as I do as a LIVE presentation, but my gut is telling me to ask for more. I can also find out how many employees would be using this which is quite large. It would be integrated into their program, but this is also a product I would want to have as a passive income product in time to come (that’s another topic and different pricing I’m sure)

I am very excited to expand upon this work with other products that don’t exist right now but are going to exist! I very much appreciate your thoughts and feedback and look forward to the entrepreneurial track to start up in January.

Once I gain more insight on this, I am going to work on it in December and get it going for the new year because I have the tools to manage my mind, calendar and use what I don’t know to find out.

Thank you for your help and for allowing me to grow and evolve in the best possible way!
Much love,