Course price for the value

Last week, I decided to offer an introduction mini-series (3 videos) on managing dementia caregiver stress and offered it for sale. I actually offered a 50% discount for the holidays. People are buying and I find myself concerned that perhaps my simple 3 video series isn’t valuable enough for the cost ($97 full price…people have 1/2 off right now for $48). In have a comprehensive course & I offer so much- including live Q & A sessions all for $297. I certainly feel like people are getting their value with the comprehensive course because my live time is involved and there are a lot of bonuses included. I’m probably under charging for that course. I think I’m starting to have some doubt and guilt that I’m charging dementia caregivers $48 for 3 simple videos that are 8 to 12 minutes in length each (with care sheet downloads and a weekly automated email sequence to help them along). I don’t want their experience of this introduction course to turn them off from perhaps eventually joining my full course. How do I know if I’m delivering enough value for the price? Part of me is thinking of adding a bonus or something else to the intro course to be sure.