Crafting Offers – Brooke’s webinar last week

Hello. I am writing to follow up on the how to double your income in 3 months call with Brooke last week when she talked to people about their offers. Some were “terrible” and she helped others develop them into great/interesting ideas.
1. Is this a space where a coach can help me figure out my amazing offer?
2. I keep spinning in confusion about how to make my offer amazing and not terrible. Here are two models on this one. Could you please help nudge me with questions to create my intentional models for T’s that will be more helpful in my goal of creating an amazing offer, making offers, and signing clients? Thanks!
C – business offer
T – I don’t know how to create an amazing offer
F – confusion
A – list ideas. cross off the ideas I don’t like. try to think of new ones. question it all. start over and then repeat this cycle.
R – I don’t create any offer

C – same
T – I need help creating an amazing offer
F – uncertain
A – remember Brooke saying some offers were terrible and others were interesting. Wish Brooke helped me like that. Wish someone helped me like that. Wonder where to get help like that. Think who could help me. Feel frustrated that I can’t find anyone. Spend time on this when I could be thinking about my amazing offer. Want to create an amazing offer. Think that I’m stuck.
R – I create no offer and make no offers – $0 revenue