Creating a better money mindset

Hi, I just listened to the replay of Money with Jamie, and realized I need help with my Model.

I have had my own small marketing company for 13 years where it’s just me and a few freelancers I pay when I need them.  I doubled my first year income of $65,000 back in 2006 to $130,000 in 2019, and was on my way to growing to $175,000 for 2020 when COVID hit.  My clients are hotels, so it greatly affected my business.  So now even though it’s coming back slowly, I have been down on myself and keep having thoughts like, “I’ll make enough money again” to, “Maybe I should give up my business and get a job,” to, “I’ll never have enough.”

I’m having trouble figuring out what to even expect as a goal for 2020 and beyond, because of all the unknown, so instead of taking massive action I dwell in the negative thoughts and have been generating very little.  I guess I’m caught up in the how.  To make things worse I can’t rely on my husband because he lost his job so the pressure is scary.

How can I create a positive Model to guide me through this?