Creating a Business I Love

This is my first post in Business Ask A Coach, so I hope it is business-y enough! It has a lot to do with decisions and emotions, so I debated whether it belonged in normal Ask a Coach.

I would like to start my own business. I’m afraid I’ll choose the wrong niche. I’m also afraid that if I’m hired, I won’t be able to do a good job. I have little evidence to support this since most things I find a way to excel at, but I do experience self-doubt frequently. What if I *do* fail? What if I’m not cut out for it? What if I let people down?
C: I am thinking about starting a business.
T: That’s ridiculous–there’s no way you could do a job on your own.
F: Sad
A: Sigh and just leave idea as a dream. Shrivel up inside. Hide. Accept I can’t ever get better.
R: I don’t find a way to do a job on my own.

C: I am thinking about starting a business.
T: This is possible because other business owners are just human too, no different than you.
F: Inspired
A: I develop a business plan for what professional services I would offer. I determine some pricing. I look into what legal set-up is needed. I allow myself to take this idea seriously. I think about what a business would look like that works for me. I work on models to build up courage to approach potential clients. I allow myself to normalize this idea, not make it some vague, far-off dream.
R: I reach out to 3 clients in 2021 to test out whether my niche is marketable.