Creating a Business Model that Works for Me

Hi coaches,

I think that I do not have a good business model. I have a web design business and I’m offering a lot of services from websites to ads, to copywriting, to course launch consulting and SEO.

For each new client and project, I create an offer that’s specific to them. It takes a lot of time for me to sell.

When I start with a new client, it starts off well and I work on delivering the plan, but then as we get deeper in and the client requests smaller things or meetings or things outside what we planned, I end up spending lots of time responding 1:1 and this massively eats into my profits and time. I don’t have a plan for how to charge for the things that are outside of the scope, and I think I’m not making it clear with my clients what level of support they get 1:1 with me and my response times.

I think I don’t have any leverage by doing it this way. And when I think this thought, I feel fear about growing to my revenue goals because I think I could not handle any more clients as I’m working this way.

How can I go about creating a business model that works well for me, as well as my clients? How can I make it clear what’s in and what’s out? How can I structure things, so clients feel good and like they are getting lots of value, I feel good about growing my business, and we’re getting great results working together? And it’s a model that will help me get to my revenue goal of $250k? Currently it’s less than half of that.

Thanks coaches.