Creating A Business

I want to launch a business, I have been out of work for about a year and during that time I have come to appreciate being able to work on my terms. I am willing to work and invest the saving I have into launching this business.

The problem is I have numerous ideas on what I can do but don’t seem to be able to find a way to unify them into one business offering even though I see the value that the ideas combined can create. Am I just engaging in mind drama and avoiding trying different combinations of the idea?

I also see that I’m putting pressure on myself to get the business up and running and start driving in revenue which in turn creates its own mind drama.

Another thing that has started happening is I’ve been helping out a few friends and family that begun yielding positive results for them and I’m really enjoying creating value for them which has now put me at an impasse, do i give this new thing a shot or focus on the original ideas (this is giving me confusion)

I understand there is a need to constrain ideas but in this case should I try the different approaches and then constrain after?