Creating a free Facebook group


I’m currently coaching 10 ladies for free for 6 weeks to get practice during my certification with you. Now I’m thinking about creating a Facebook group, partly so I can keep on giving them value when the 6 weeks are up, but also connecting with more people. I see it as a way to spread more value to people who are actually interested and want to be a part of a coaching community.

But I have a lot of thoughts about having a free group, here are some;
-It would be an awesome way to spread value to people who actually want it.
-It would be great to keep in contact with my “girls”
-It could easily “morph” into something “uncontrollable”
-I would “ad more to my plate” with having to engage in that group
-I should focus on creating the podcast I want
-I don’t know how to run a Facebook group
-I could do Facebook lives and create great connection with people
-I will feel pressured to create value for the group
-It’s a great way to build a tribe
-People in the group could potentially become paying customers
-No one will want to join my group
-I don’t know what value to offer them
-I need to know everything before I start

I have so many conflicting thoughts about it so I can’t really find my way “out” to a decision.

Here are one of my more frequent unintentional models:
C: FB groups exist
T: I don’t know how to do a Facebook group, or how it will turn out
F: uncertain
A: Spin thoughts about group, don’t make a decision, don’t make any progress, don’t create any potential value for people
R: I don’t find out how to do a Facebook group or find out how it would turn out.

Intentional model:
C: Same
T: I can start a FB-group or not, either is fine
F: Confident
A: I sit down and make a decision,
R: I decide what to do about the Facebook group

But to be honest I don’t “feel” my intentional model and need guidance. 🙂

Thanks a million!