Creating a Manual For My Coaching Clients

Hello! I find it challenging to not create a manual for my clients.. For my 1:1 clients, I typically coach them for 3 months. I have re-signed some of them again for another 3 months, however. BUT… I find that when it’s coming close to the 3 month mark, my client is a lot less engaged, they’re sending less emails, and they’re not doing the daily journals that I would ask of them to do… I am concerned for their lack of results when they don’t do the work consistently, and I have a thought that I NEED to get them on track (or maybe I’m doing something wrong that is causing them to feel unmotivated). I can’t seem to separate out this idea that I’m not a “motivating enough coach” if my client isn’t doing the daily work for the program… How should I approach this??