Creating a Program and Believing I’m not Good Enough

I’m launching a program to the members of my group and I’ve found the belief that I’m not good enough to finish and deliver on my foundational program. I’m not good enough to finish it. I’m not good enough to teach it. I’m not good enough to sell it. I’m not good enough at business…

My model looks like this:

C- The Artist Initiative Program
T – I’m not good enough at this to finish creating and selling this program
F – Fraud
A – Not talk about it
A – Not work on it consistently
A – Not get my opt in, sales pages, freebies, marketing
A – Not finish the course
A – Second guess myself
A – Question my coaching
A – Not coaching cleanly – trying to prove myself to the artists in my group
A – Constantly seeking approval from others about content and coaching
R – I’ll never think I’m good enough when I base my worth on something outside of me.
R – I’ll never be good enough to do what it takes to launch the program when I believe I’m not good enough.

I’m wondering if this model is right. I get stuck on the R line. I know that we are all worthy, but I also know that there are things that that we can do, skills we can acquire, experience we can gain to make ourselves better. I’ve had so much success in my art business and I believe that others can too, but I keep getting stuck on the feeling of fraud from thinking I wasn’t enough.