Creating a Program

Hey Brooke,

I’m a bit confused on how the program works when you talk about creating a program in your 14 steps. When I’ve created programs in the past they were email series with workbooks and they had 30-minute coaching sessions once a week. However, I want to do 100% exactly as you talk about in your 14 steps so I’m at the step of creating my program and I’m not sure I fully understand what is all encompassed in the program? I have a problem and the solution. I have 6 weeks worth of content written out, what it encompasses to provide people with the solution and results. If they do everything I tell them to do within that outline they will be on their way to breaking through their breakup. Now, in this program coaching is a bigger component so they will have 1 hour coaching session with me weekly where we review each topic together and discuss. Do you typically then give them a workbook or exercises that help them walk through it or it’s all just verbal? I’m just not entirely sure if I understand what all I should be “giving” the client.

Does my question make sense?

Thank you!