Creating a resource page – what if I succeed?

In my coaching session today we identified that I want to create a resource page for my website. I help people who sew organize their sewing rooms.

I was surprised to discover I’m actually scared and nervous about creating this page. Even though I am generally happy with the value of each resource (both free and paid) and with the value of my one on one offer.

But to put them all together on one page (so that everyone can see them
all and access what they want) feels scary.

My coach suggested it might be because I’m scared of people actually buying (rather than not buying). That I’m scared of success.

I read the podcast on “not quitting” (first in 2017) and I don’t think it’s because I want to quit, which I don’t, but I feel some feelings around success.

Can you please suggest where to take this? A particular podcast or coaching technique?

Here are some thoughts that my brain is offering me.

C: my website offerings
T: I’m not good enough to put all my offerings out there.
F: anxiety
A: 1. don’t create the page, don’t provide a way for people to easily see/buy my offers, hold back from my audience
(use this as proof of failure? And quit?)
R: I’m not taking the actions to be good enough.

What if no one buys? / opening up to perceived rejection
C: my website offerings
T: No one will buy it
F: scared
A: 1. Don’t finish the website page. 2 take action and start but don’t finish it
R: I don’t show up for myself (I don’t “buy” myself

C: My website
T: People might buy my stuff. – (this same thought both simultaneously excites me and freaks me out)
F: excited/happy – and also scared
A: ?
R: I “sometimes” “buy” me.

I think the feeling of “being scared of success” is actually just me opening myself up to potential rejection by going out there and putting myself out there. Could that be it?