Creating an offer for practicing coaching

I posted on my personal Facebook, Instagram and Twitter an “offer” . Or I think it’s an offer . I didn’t get the result I want – signed clients , instead I had nice comments from my connections/ friends – How great that what I am doing so thing new in my life ( well done , you are amazing etc) .

I need some helpful guidance in making “offers” the text I have posted is below :

I am in training at the Life Coach School founded by master coach instructor Brook Castillo. I offer coaching sessions to help you to get perspective on your life and mind, to understand and manage your thoughts so you can create a better life for yourself. Please note that life coaching isn’t a medical term and I don’t treat mental health conditions and issues. All sessions will be via zoom call, I suggest you commit to 4 x 45 min sessions to get the full experience and a desirable result. More information is on my scheduling page: