Creating and selling quick results

Brooke has basically said that if you can get people results with a proven method, quickly, then that’s the value you’re charging for – I’m paraphrasing.
I am coaching women to heal their relationship with food. I’m only starting so I don’t have the “proof” yet. I have created a process which I’m selling. At the min I’m requiring a 6 session minimum commitment. Though I feel like I would like to require more to really make the impact that I would like.
I’m coaching this because I figured it out and changed my relationship with food by myself. It took awhile – I didn’t have a coach and didn’t really know what I was looking for when I started.
I don’t know what claim I can make about an outcome within a time frame. How do I create a sell-able claim when I’m not exactly sure yet. I don’t want to claim that you’ll Transform your relationship with food in 6 sessions when I don’t know that that would be true. How do I square that circle?