Creating Both: Work with LCS and My Own Biz

I am in certification right now and I have decided that my dream life after certification is to work for LCS part-time while working and creating my own coaching biz part-time.

This sounds like a good plan in theory but also sounds like a lot of places to put my focus. I know when it comes to putting in the work and making changes to evolve ourselves the advice often given by Brooke, our coaches, and our instructors is to put your focus into one and get it done before you move on.

This does feel like I would need to put a lot of work into becoming the person who can be an employee of The Life Coach School (thought work, getting away from my head drama and out of my own way, etc.) while also working on all the tools that it takes to become a rocking entrepreneur.

Of course, many of these skills and abilities overlap but they are in essence two very different things with two very different results.

Do you think I should put my focus in one place at a time? Make my work landing a job with LCS first and then once I do move forward with creating a business or would this be considered one goal and I would be able to focus on both at the same time?