Creating clients

I asked about this a couple days ago and I’ve been digging into this idea more. I committed to 3 new 1:1 clients as my goal for the month, even though it feels scary to put as my result because I still struggle to believe I control how many clients I get.

I worked backwards in the model answering questions of what I have to do, feel, think, if I DID believe I controlled how many clients I get. I hope it’s ok that I have multiple T/F/As kind of piled together here:

C: My business
Ts: I will figure it out no matter what, people want what I have, I am valuable, I am worthy, I am going to make a lot of new friends
Fs: confident, committed, valuable, worthy, interested, willing, brave
As: consistently show up, give lots of value, make offers, email my list regularly, ask for referrals, expand my network
R: 3 new 1:1 clients this month

As I did this, I realized I often mix up my As into Rs because I am uncomfortable with filling in the R line not knowing if it’s true or not. Is it ok if it’s not? It seems like there are things you could put in the R line that I think are more of a guarantee- like if I wanted to run a marathon as my R, and my A was all the actions of training for the marathon, the marathon would be a done deal. Is this just hard for me because of my belief in getting the clients still needs to grow?

Thanks so much! I didn’t even realize I had this A/R confusion until this month!