Creating Consults

I’m a FT life coach and I’ve only created one consult this month. My goal up to this point was to have 6. I am doing all of the things – belief work, self-coaching, getting coaching, taking massive action, showing up from service and adding value. I do a great job of not indulging in confusion during the week, I follow my calendar and do the belief work every morning to slip in to the best thought/feeling needed for showing up to serve. Each week, I re-evaluate and try a new approach. But how do you know what to do after that strategy doesn’t work multiple weeks in a row. I felt like I added a ton of value, was believing ahead of time, taking all of the action, and self-coaching and then nothing.

I guess my question is – how do you know where the problem is if you aren’t able to tell where you’re missing the mark. Where do you start? I know we are supposed to believe that it’s working, but when do you acknowledge that it actually isn’t working. The biggest issue is that if I can create my results, I should be able to create two consults each week, and I’m not. And I can’t figure out what I’m missing. Would love tips/advice/coaching.