Creating Content – Decision

I have been creating social media posts.

I am planning to create live videos, video training, blog articles and audios so I can give value to my ideal clients and build relationships.

There are also many other activities that I have planned to do in my business.

However, I also listen to Stacey’s podcast where she has a podcast that says to focus on meeting new people rather than creating content.

I also network with people.

I want to create content, but my thought is I am just starting as a coach. I have many more skills and experience to develop. And I feel like I should be coaching a lot of people and meeting people and developing my skills so that my content can get effective and helpful for people. I don’t want to waste my time creating content that might not be that great or helpful or really relevant to my clients.

So I don’t know if I want to create long form content for my business:
I see the benefits of creating content
I also see it is not the appropriate time to create content, and it’s best for me to focus on other activities for now.

What do I do?