Creating new content

I was on the double your business call with Brooke Wednesday

I have a online course teaching how to start a house cleaning business and Brooke said not to market as a business opportunity or start-up Brooke mentioned my offer should be ” How to make extra money without sacrificing family time”

My though is a webinar would be a great way to show how I can help my potential clients. Prior to the call, I was planning on using a previous script from a FB post called “The top 5 Reasons a House Cleaning Business is for you” but with the shift I am thinking I need to change the name as well as some of the content. And create the name and content more around “How they can make extra money while there children are in school or something similar. I have struggled with not sounding “salesy or spamy” . So I guess I’m looking for feedback and any suggestions.

Also I struggle with how I would put this into the model ( this is my 1st month in Scholars :))) Thank you!