Creating Unique and Original Content

I am struggling to come up with truly unique content. There is a wealth of knowledge that is already out there, but struggling with the thought, and thus following anxiety, of what other people may be thinking: “If you’re just sharing content that I can get somewhere else, in a more established way, why would I pay you?” Perhaps unfair to myself, but definitely sentiments I have felt when I worked in other industries, doing different jobs.

C: Clients want quality products that will help them
T: I need to provide them products that show value in my offers in order to attract business
F: scared that I’m merely regurgitating content from others
A: “work with what I got” and “hopefully it works” mindset
R: lose confidence in my ability

How do I create unique content that isn’t truly unique? It’s not like I’m going to go find some post-doc work to do and apply here. Is this less important than the weight I am putting on it? thanks!!