Creating Value

Hi! I am wondering if you have more info on creating value.

I want to work for myself. I do things here and there that move me towards that. I haven’t fully thrown myself into it yet. In some ways I feel unclear about what I offer and not ready. I’m an herbalist, make plant medicine, and also do healing work with people that can touch very spiritual elements. I think this is what feels hard to define and talk about. I don’t feel like I’m maintaining my own daily practice and thus am not ready to fully serve people. I also write. And I also work part time for someone else.

I want to create more value. However I have a hard time recognizing the value that I create. I feel like I’m looking through a pinhole and defining value in really vague, but immovable terms. It feels limiting. I know I can decide something is valuable, and that someone somewhere will agree with me. But I don’t think I fully believe it. I just feel like there’s this huge block around value for me. I know it ties into other beliefs I am working on about being “enough.” I feel really stressed and anxious when people do buy things from me, because I’m worried it’s not good enough or they won’t like it. Or that it’s not really valuable. So I can’t even imagine making all the money I need by working for myself.

That being said, I feel a strong desire to work for myself! I feel neutral about my current job (though I have moments of feeling like its a waste of time or that I shouldn’t be there), and in the past I haven’t enjoyed most of my jobs. I’m working on shifting a belief that work is hard to I love working. I really want to break through whatever this is!!